About Lucy …

The Rotary Tom Jackson Stay in School (RTJSIS) mentoring program supports students on the path to graduate high school. Recognizing the importance of education, I joined the program as a mentor after graduating high school to support and inspire other students to finish school. 

I had the opportunity to co-mentor a high school student who is now in grade 11. We had regular meetings to discuss school progress, review report cards, and discuss post-secondary goals. Last year, we assisted our mentee with transferring schools, allowing them to attend a high school better suited to their learning needs. Being at this new high school was essential in creating an optimal learning environment and maximize their potential for success. We also set goals to help our mentee manage their time by setting priorities. After learning to integrate school priorities with personal life, not only did our mentee’s grades improve but I also noticed an increase in confidence and enthusiasm for schoolwork. I also shared personal struggles I had when I was in school, and my strategies for dealing with difficulties. This allowed me to create a bond with my mentee and encourage them to overcome hardships so they can continue to excel in school and beyond.

Being part of the RTJSIS program not only reminds me of the paramount privilege and responsibility I have as a mentor and role model to young people, but also provides me with an opportunity to witness how effective mentorship and goal setting can be truly transformational for students – Qandeel

Although Lucy is shy, I am working on chatting and building rapport about things that interest her.  I find having a co-mentor helpful, she keeps me updated on what she is doing with Lucy, and we have good communication.  We play off each other’s strengths to ensure we support Lucy as much as we can.  I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Lucy. – Chatan